This is where we try answer some of the questions you may have.


Q: How do I get a quote?

A: It’s easy contact us and we just need to gather basic details. After that we will come and assess the job based on your needs.

Q: does it take long?

A: the time it takes depends on the work and requirements. Once we do our survey and give an approximate cost and opinion on fitting and placement we will be able to give time scale.

Q: do I need to do anything first?

A: make sure your yard and area surrounding your property is free to move in. Also if the property is domestic make sure the areas where you would like cameras placed don’t infringe on Neighbours or their privacy.

Q: Can I change my mind on placement of equipment?

A: yes when you pick a location and we can fit in that area you are free to change your mind. Once all equipment has been placed and fitted it can be changed after but this will require additional cost such as call our charges and Labour charges. This cost varies.

Q: what do you mean infringe on my neighbours privacy?

A: when fitting cameras on your property it is up to you to make sure it doesn’t look unnecessarily onto neighbouring properties or directly monitoring public areas around your property. We can advise once we survey your property but the final decision on placement is yours to make. Any issues that arise after this and if moving the equipment is needed then this will incurr additional charges.